Friday, October 16, 2009

School Lunch Facts


Did you know?


*Under the current national School Lunch Program, the USDA reimburses public schools for every meal served: $2.57 for a free lunch; $2.17 for a reduced-price lunch and just 24 cents for a paid lunch.

After the schools pay for labor, equipment and overhead, this leaves only $1.00 per meal to spend on food.

**We are seeking to raise the reimbursement rate to $3.57

*Federal nutrition standards apply to school meals provided in cafeterias nationwide. Food service programs must meet the guidelines to qualify for federal subsidies.

According to the GAO, 99 percent of high schools, 97 percent of middle schools and 83 percent of elementary schools have vending machines, school stores and snack bars.

However, under current law, vending machine food, on-campus stores selling chips, soda and candy and even “a la carte” cafeteria items are not governed by any guidelines. These highly-processed, high-calorie foods sneak under the radar of any federal nutrition standards. Further, the federal nutrition guidelines have not been updated in 30 years, despite the obvious link of increased childhood obesity and diabetes to our children’s diets.

** We are seeking to have Congress approve Representative Woolsey and Senator Harkins’ Child Nutrition Promotion & School Lunch Protection Act of 2009.

This bill would:

1. Require an update of USDA nutrition standards;

2. Enable the USDA to look at all foods sold in schools, not just the “main meal”.

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