Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rid Litter Day April 10th: Marshfield Clean-Up

I am lucky to belong to a group of people who pick up trash strewn along the roads while we walk our dogs in the morning. Unfortunately, there's a lot more garbage to pick up. Just this morning as I was driving up Pine Street in search of my lost tri-color beagle, (I found her back at home!)I noticed tons of trash alongside the road. To me, this is vandalizing the town, and the earth. If we can't get people to stop littering, we can all help clean it up!

On Saturday April 10th, Marshfield is having a rid litter day. Pick up special bags at Marshfied Town Hall form 9-1 on Saturday April 10th. There will also be bags available from April 5-9 at Roche Brothers customer service, Shaws customer service,Green Harbor General Store and Success Real Estate. Filled bags can be deposited at the rear parking lot of Furnace Brook Middle School on April 10th and 11th only. Please no household trash.
Let's be proud of our town and clean it up!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winter Farmer's Market this Thursday March 18th

Come to Plymouth Plantation this Thursday to check out over 30 vendors, farmers, bakers and artisans! Check out the film and yoga! The film is "King Corn".

The Market is open from 3pm until 6:30. IF YOU CAN'T GET THERE IN TIME, YOU CAN PRE-ORDER and pick up by 7 pm.
For more information, go to: